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my_vicodin's Journal

My Vicodin
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After routinely flailing with one another, jukebox_grad and ellixian decided to assume the burden of watching and capping every House/Cuddy scene in every episode of House, with the intent to build a community that serves as a resource for fans of House/Cuddy. You can imagine how we decided on the community name!

In addition to providing a general guide, episodic picspams of all of the best House/Cuddy moments will also be posted. As we start to build the community, you can also expect to see "thematic" picspams pertaining to House/Cuddy.

For the time being, the community is set to open membership, but with restrictions on who can post. As we get going, we will likely open the community up for other members to gain posting access. We will, however, be posting community (comment) picspams with prompts.

01. It should be blatantly obvious that it's best to be a fan of House/Cuddy around here. We are unapologetically biased and just downright flaily when it comes to them.
02. No personal attacks. No need to bash any other ships. This community is founded on flail of the House/Cuddy variety, with no intention to trash any other pairings or characters on the show.
03. DON'T HOTLINK any of the caps used in the picspams.

01. Layout by thefulcrum; profile codes by ohsokitschy
02. Scenes transcribed by us, with some help from clinic_duty
03. Screencaps used were made by jukebox_grad and ellixian

Please leave a comment here if you're interested!